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Launch of the S-CUBE Series

Launch of the S-CUBE Series

We are pleased to announce the launch of the S-CUBE series.
This ultra-compact spindle, just about 60mm in size, achieves up to 20,000 RPM and a precision of 2μm radial runout.
Its miniaturization and light weight significantly reduce the size and required rigidity of equipment, contributing to cost reductions in overall facility investments.

Featured on the 'dot B' site, showcasing Japanese manufacturing to international markets!

Featured on 'dot B'
A site promoting Japanese manufacturing to international markets!

SIGA Machine Tool Co., Ltd.'s products have been featured on the site 'dot B', which introduces Japanese manufacturing companies and allows product comparison internationally.
Visit the 'dot B' international manufacturing site here:
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'dot B' is a product comparison site intended for factory managers and procurement officers worldwide.
It features various products, company information, and catalogs. English documentation is available for download from the site mentioned above.

Announcement of the SCH Concept

SCH (S Cube Hand—small, single, spindle) is a high-precision small spindle unit developed by our company, ideal for multi-jointed robots.
It enhances accuracy and efficiency in deburring and drilling processes.
This spindle unit, developed with our extensive experience and advanced technology, boasts high quality and reliability.
SCH is expected to improve productivity in manufacturing settings and has potential applications across various industries, thanks to its seamless integration with robots.

Announcement of the SCU Concept

'SCU (S Cube Unit)' is a spindle unit developed by our company, characterized by its high precision and compact design.
The reduction in weight and size of the spindle enables machining operations not only on traditional specialized machine tools and large robots but also on smaller robots.

SCU stands for Small, Compact, Unit.
We are committed to leveraging the latest technologies and developing products that meet our customers' needs.