SIGA Machine Tool's S-CUBE Compact Spindle


Advancing Facility Automation with the S-CUBE Spindle

The fundamental concept of the S-CUBE series is to automate tasks traditionally done by humans such as deburring, polishing, drilling, and light cutting operations.
While automation is highly sought after in many manufacturing sectors, its implementation costs are not always low.
Particularly, automating fine tasks like deburring and R-processing is often considered more suitable for manual labor considering cost-effectiveness.
However, with the introduction of S-CUBE, such automation becomes a practical choice.
S-CUBE offers automation solutions tailored to your budget, reducing the payback period for equipment investments.

Automation solutions with the S-CUBE series
S-CUBE Ultra-Compact Spindle

Innovative Ultra-Compact Spindle

The S-CUBE packs advanced technology into a compact body about 60mm square, achieving a maximum speed of 20,000 RPM and a radial runout precision of 2μm.
Its dedicated motor supports diverse power supplies, providing maximum speeds of 3000 RPM at 24V and 6000 RPM at 48V, with rated torques of 0.4N・m and 0.35N・m respectively.
S-CUBE's compact design significantly reduces facility space requirements and improves energy efficiency.

Lightweight and Cost Reduction with S-CUBE

The miniaturization and lightweight design of the S-CUBE substantially reduce the size and required rigidity of facilities.
Achieving weight reductions not possible with traditional spindles contributes to overall cost reductions in facilities.
With years of research and development, our innovative spindle control unit optimizes your capital investments and enhances productivity.

Miniaturization and lightweight design of S-CUBE
Ready-to-use spindle unit sets

Ready-to-Use Models Available

S-CUBE models are ready to use right out of the box.
Equipped with a power unit and a controller unit, these models can be immediately utilized in your production line.
You can enhance productivity without additional setup time.
Short-term rentals are also available, allowing you to test the products before purchasing.
If you have technical questions or need customization, our technical consultation service is available. This product is perfect for those looking to immediately improve production efficiency.
Start improving your manufacturing processes with S-CUBE today.

S-CUBE Technical Consultation Services

We offer technical consultation for S-CUBE.
Feel free to contact us with any technical questions or customization needs.
Rentals of S-CUBE are also available.
You can test the actual products at your facility.

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Technical consultation and rental services for the S-CUBE series
Model Maximum Allowed
CSU-17 (S-CUBE Cast) 20,000 1900 zip
CSU-17-AL (S-CUBE Aluminum) 20,000 900